At Harte Outdoor Lighting we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing high quality street lighting. From rural walkways to large open spaces and everything in between, our lighting solutions are designed to fit a wide range of needs. Our unique designs are also timeless and can add an instant character to an area or space.

Public spaces can be an important refuge to everyday living and the correct street lighting can provide essential functionality while not compromising on style or aesthetics. Traditionally the street lamp was designed and installed with security in mind by offering well-lit public spaces but with many cultural heritage projects and area rejuvenations in progress the need for specialist and vintage styles has grown. 

We have been designing and crafting outdoor street lights in New Ross, Ireland for almost 40 years. All our products are crafted in our workshop with the greatest attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality standards through each stage of the process. The majority of our street lights are manufactured in cast iron and steel, we spray all our products on site and assemble any electrical requirements in our workshop.

We’ve been fortunate to work on many private and public prestigious locations around Ireland and the UK. While every project and location are different we do have a standard catalogue of products to choose from, we are renowned for working to our clients needs. We’ve also done some custom work for the following customers:

Heritage street lighting in Kilkenny City, recreation of old copper lights in cast iron and steel while upgrading the bulbs to energy efficient LEDs.

Vintage triple headed lamp post at The Dáil (Government buildings) in Dublin, recreation of old victorian street lights with three heads which stands prominently outside The Dáil. 

Hanging lanterns in Kildare village, Kildare, customised Victorian hanging lanterns for archways in a busy shopping village.

Tear drop street lighting in Carlow town, Carlow, classic 6 metre street lights created outside a prominent museum in Carlow town fitted with specialist LED modules.

Recreation of cast iron street light in Dunfanaghy, Donegal, recreation of an old street light which stood in the middle of the town square. We were able to create the light from an old photograph produced by the client.

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