Consider how your house or front garden will look at night.
This is the first impression that friends and family have when they arrive after dark and it can help to make them feel welcome and safe. Light up your doorway with wall lights or, if the space does not allow, consider free standing lamps to each side.

Preferably use warm white LED bulbs in these fittings as they produce a yellow hue. A bright white LED lamp will be closer in colour to daylight –  ideal where more illumination is required.
Enhance the pathway or driveway with lamp standards which can be installed in a zig zag pattern or in pairs. The height will be determined by the style and elevation of your home.

There are many design options to choose from to fit with the character of your home and garden – make sure that the lights you choose are well made with materials that will last well with little maintenance.

BARE Wall Lamp

The BARE range is ideal for contemporary homes – perhaps featuring lots of glass and steel finished in RAL ( colours.

BARE Standard Light

You can match your lamps, for example, with your window frame colour to maintain the simple, clean cut design of a new home.

Lighting steps in your garden is a great idea for safety as well as aesthetics.

Gate Lodge

Pedestal units are ideal for this, e.g. from the Traditional or Manor range. These will help to create atmosphere as well as reduce the risk of anyone tripping. Pier tops can be installed to emphasise a staircase or low level wall.

The Courtyard Range or Bollard light is also ideal for these locations and they are strong and sturdy (especially in gardens where there are footballs involved!).  Pedestal lights also look great when fitted in a patio area or in a planted bed.

Manor Heritage Pedestal Light

Harte Gooseneck in Copper

Most people choose to have their garden light fittings in black – they can look elegant and classic on a driveway especially if the surrounding surface is a dark colour.
In other areas, you may wish to finish your lights in an olive green to help them to blend in with trees and plants.  Copper fittings can be spectacular as they patinate to a neutral green colour with age.

Lamp Standards placed in strategic locations in your garden will illuminate and add interest at night to features such trees or shrubs so the focus is still on your garden when darkness falls and you are cosy and warm indoors.

Harte Station Master Range

Harte Station Master Outdoor Light

Whatever atmosphere you wish to create, we can help you here at Harte Outdoor Lighting. Call us on 051 421239 to chat about what you need or make an appointment to come to our showrooms in New Ross where you can see all of our light range in person. 

We look forward to welcoming you. 

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