Make an Outdoor Room Feel More Indoors

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor area, there are lots of ways that you can use it to give yourself more living space in your home. 
With a little thought and the right pieces, you could increase your entertaining, dining and relaxation areas.

Six Ways to Make your Outdoor Space feel like an Extension of your Home

Look Up!

In Ireland, we need to always be prepared for a downpour. Putting a cover over some of your outdoor area is a great way to allow you to get outside even in wet weather. Retractable canvas awnings fixed to the wall can be a great option. Consider a fixed roof too – glass or transparent sheeting will let light in and keep rain off. The addition of some comfy seating and downlighting will create a lovely effect.

Stepping Out

Create an optical connection between indoors and outdoors by matching the colour of the flooring or even the material used. This will make the two flow seamlessly from one to another.

Open Sesame!

If you can do it, install large doors or movable walls to open up to your garden, patio or yard. This will give a real feeling of one open space incorporating in and outdoors and will open up opportunities to create really interesting lighting effects.

One In, One Out

Style your outdoor furnishings as carefully as you would your indoor. Create a link by matching colours, themes or even pieces in both spaces.

Light Entertainment

Don’t let the sun dictate when you can enjoy your outdoor space. Good outdoor lighting means that you can dine or entertain outside at night just as easily as during the day. Think about the atmosphere you want to create and go for it. Here at Harte Outdoor we can help you out by creating a visual to show you how your lights will look in situ. All you need to do is to send us a photo of your space and we’ll do the rest.

Baby, it’s Warm Outside

For you and your family or guests to enjoy your outdoor space, you need to feel warm. Firepits are all the rage now – check before you invest though whether local regulations allow outdoor burning of fuel in your area. Consider chimeneas too – they can double up as a grill! Patio heaters can be a good solution too but will be expensive to run and not great for the environment. Make sure there are lots of warm blankets and throws around to keep you nice and cosy into the night.

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