Harte 43 Outdoor Wall Unit

The Harte Lighting range is very robust and strong. Cast Iron is long lasting and will remain with you for many years to come.

If your garden is sunny, shady, wet, dry or windy the Harte Garden Lighting Range is ideal to add that extra special feature and compliment the various shapes and textiles in your garden.

People are paying more and more attention to external entertainment spaces. The patio area can be transformed with additional lighting eg. Gate Lodge Range.

Harte 193


The Harte Post Box is based on an original model circa 1921. Strong and robust it has a high quality brass lock. It will enchance any wall or entrance area.

Thinking of a wedding present? Why not select from Harte Outdoor Lighting Range. Give a gift that will last and will be treasured for many years to come by the happy couple.

The Front Door Area, must be well illuminated but not glaring or blinding on approach. Enhance your door with the Harte 43, Traditional Park Range. The warm glow will welcome you back home on dark gloomy nights.

Trees, shrubs, flower borders and lawns turn your gardens into a relaxing environment. The Harte Range of Outdoor Lighting will blend and integrate beautifully into your special space.

The main concern of many home owners now is security. Outdoor Lighting not only enchances your home it also acts as a deterrent for unwelcome intruders.

The Harte Range of Cast Iron Outdoor Lighting can accommodate up to 100 watt bulbs. The fitting of sensors provide immediate illumination on approach.