Harte Outdoor Lighting like many small Irish businesses has had to adapt over the past few months to meet consumer demand. Ireland’s sole manufacturer of cast iron outdoor lighting is renowned for its high quality and stylish design for almost 40 years.

The Social Screen is targeted at restaurants, bars, cafés and hotels and will enhance any outdoor space whilst ensuring maximum protection for customers. Its stylish design consists of a fully polycarbonate sealed translucent screen held between two high quality cast iron poles. This product is intended to be placed between outdoor tables, thus maximising outdoor space potential and increasing revenue whilst ensuring the prevention of disease transmission. 

The Harte Outdoor Social Screen has been designed in accordance with the WHO guidelines for hotels, restaurants and catering and is both durable and fully waterproof. In addition to its stylish design it can also be branded with the company’s logo and is available in a range of attractive colours setting it apart from other products on the market. 

This product maximises safety providing peace of mind for customers and business owners alike whilst maintaining a high quality and stylish design to preserve the classic Irish ambience that we all miss so much!

Harte Outdoor Social Screens are now available to order and available at an introductory price of €550 per unit. Please contact;

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