Goose Neck Wall & Pier Mounted Lights

Harte Goose Neck Lighting RangeThe Goose Neck Range as the name implies, represents the curved neck of the old farmyard goose.

Details on The Goose Neck Wall Light (Overall height):

Harte 346   – 910mm (3’0″)

Details on The Goose Neck Pier Top Lights (Overall heights):

Harte 553 – 910mm (3’0″)

Harte 554 – 584mm (1’11)

Harte 551 – 980mm (3’2″)

Harte 552 – 640mm (2’1″)

Harte 508 – 1309mm (4’3″)

Harte 509 – 815mm (2’8″)

All glazing used in The Goose Neck Range is a clear polycarbonate.

Harte Goose Neck Lighting Range

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